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My top 3 blog post in year 2014

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I started my blog on

My blog has got little over 4500 visits for now. I believe it’s quite nice result if you think how many posts I have written in this “niche analytics category”. My main traffic source is of course Google and it’s quite easy to get top rankings in Google if you are writing blog about “Adobe analytics training and guides” because there is so little “competition”. I also get quite good traffic from social media, and especially Twitter is important channel. Tip for Twitter users, follow the channel/hashtag #AdobeAnalytics

I know, booooooriiiinng. So what is the top 3 of my blog posts?

3. Save full referrer and page url with Processing rules

2. How to make Adobe Analytics tagging map aka solution design requirements for SiteCatalyst implementation

1. New to Adobe Analytics aka SiteCatalyst? The ultimate (cheat) list of resources, help and people to follow One of my first blog post and yes, I used several hours for writing this and people are loving it. Great! Btw, it’s funny that this page is much more popular than my homepage.

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