Testing and playing around with new fallout report in Adobe Analysis Workspace

Fallout report or should I say visualization has not been in Analysis Workspace, until now, after the fall 2016 release of Adobe Analytics. Many users, including me, have waited this feature so much and finally it’s available to us. Fallout is just super-easy way to visualize the amount of different “action paths” users have on your site. I’m just happy that this visualization option is now possible and with some better graphics than before (on the old reporting interface). That’s it and let’s move on!

Well, not so hurry! This is a smoking hot Workspace tool, could there be some new options and features inside fallout reporting that we haven’t seen before? Ok, let’s open it, play around and will see if I can find out some useful tips. I’m sure Adobe will publish some great blog posts and videos about these new features, but always fun to play around with new features using your own data and get your own “ah, oh” moments.

Again, with Workspace, no more pop-up windows where you choose your metrics and dimensions, just drag and drop and build your fallouts superfast. Drop it like it’s hot metric!

Drag & drop fallout

Choose “fallout” from visualizations and drag it to your project and it looks like above. It sets “All Visits” as default metric or should I say “touchpoint”. You can disable this option from “fallout settings” and you can also choose “fallout container” for “visit” or “visitor” level. No breaking news with these, other than looks ok and great to see you can choose even container.

Fallout with pages

You can do fallout reports with page names, I use eVar variable, but you could use prop or default page names. Basic stuff, but compared to older fallout reports these look just visually perfect.

Group pages with OR statement

I just started to drag new page names to my fallout report and I noticed you can also add different page names to same “bucket”. When I add page names to same “bucket” then it automatically creates “OR” statement between those page names. Wow, that’s nice!

Multiple fallout dimensions

I continued to play around and test different fallouts and noticed you can even add other dimensions to your fallout. Again, love it. You are not limited to use same variable when building fallout, you can use different dimensions (page name, actions, events) with same fallout. Sweet!

Compare segments in fallout

You can mix your fallouts and funnels in many ways by using different variables as we already saw. How about comparing different segments with same funnels? You could easily build X amount of fallouts and use different segment on those, but wait a minute. Again, it’s a surprise option with new fallouts. You can even add different segments to same fallouts. Just drag and drop different segments to the header of fallout window and bada boom! I wanted to do comparison using mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet visits, and it looks great and will give your fallouts so much more when finding diamonds and problems.

Add segments directly to fallout dimensions and metrics

Stop the madness! You can even add segments inside fallout metrics. I should probably stop playing around and not give anymore tips, because the only tip with fallouts in Workspace is “do whatever you like”.

Shortcuts to additional visualizations and breakdowns

You can right-click and choose shortcuts to different actions: create segment from the touchpoint, trend touchpoint or breakdown with different settings.

Cross-visit user fallouts with visitor container

Remember my user journey testing in here? Check that and I added visitor (!) level funnel with that user and boom, we can do fallout reports even with different visits. Not a fast way to do any attribution modeling, but surely nice way to analyze how some traffic sources or even campaigns are working together.


That’s what I would call a superdynamic, multidimensional, robust and eye-candy fallout visualization tool. I’m pretty sure this visualization is going to be one of the most used visualizations among Workspace users. I ****ing love it! Remember that with fallout report the order of actions/events matters, so you are usually not seeing all visits and actions, just the ones that are happening with your fallout options.

Ps. I noticed Adobe published some great and detailed videos about these new features, check those too:

EDIT 22nd of October:
Ps2. I knew I wasn’t only one liking new fallout report, Adam wrote about this one too, again pure gold as always. You can read it here:

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