Polarity settings in Adobe Analytics

Polarity settings for custom events in Adobe Analytics

(Ziih, what a busy start for this year and haven’t had the time for blog posts but let’s start year 2015 with this small post…)

Few weeks ago I noticed “polarity” settings for custom success events on the admin area. To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure what that really meant in my language but when I opened the dropdown menu and saw only two options available then it was quite clear what that setting is for. Options are “Up is good” and “up is bad”.

polarity for custom events

Anyway, I decided to contact ClientCare and they gave me links to Marketing Cloud Release Notes from February and there it was explained.
(hmm, I have problems to get the link to work and that’s why I copy & paste Adobe’s annoucment for this. see the below:)

1. Metric polarity allows you to indicate whether Adobe Analytics should consider it good or bad if a given custom event (metric) goes up.

2. It will allow Adobe Analytics to show directional indicators (arrows) for various metrics to add context (for example, week over week comparisons). Example: if “Bugs Submitted” goes up week over week, should Adobe Analytics consider that good, or bad? Other examples: an increase in Email Registrations is probably good. But an increase in Form Submission Errors is probably bad.

In Analytics > Admin Tools > Edit Settings > Conversion > Success Events, notice the Polarity column. You can check Up is good or Up is bad.

Note: This setting is not currently used in Adobe Analytics, but will be used in the future.

Sounds cool and let’s wait how it will look on different event reports in the future. Hopefully this setting will make events more visual and maybe we can see more quickly if there are problems etc.

Ps. I guess Adobe Summit is near and that maybe the reason for these nice new things to pop up in Adobe Analytics!? 🙂

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