My blog in year 2016

Small review about my blog for the year 2016. Thanks Jan for this idea.


10700 page views, 7800 visits and 5700 unique visitors.
I tend to test all kinds of analytics hacks with my blog, so there might be days when tracking hasn’t been working properly or at all.


79% of traffic comes search engines, mainly from Google.
17% comes from direct traffic, thank you my loyal fans.
7% comes from referring domains, thank you other blogs for linking and sharing that sweet link juicy.
3% finds my blog post through social media, mainly twitter… wow, this is very low, I guess I should spam more to social media and not just add one twitter link for every post.


This is a surprise, 91,5% of visitors are using desktop, only 7,5% reads my blog using mobile phone and 1% using tablet. Desktop is new mobile, or something… 😉


Where are you visitors coming from, maybe from Mars?
39% United States
12% India
8% United Kingdom
4% Australia
4% Canada
4% Germany
3% Brazil
3% Finland
2% Spain
2% Netherlands
1,5% France
…almost 90 different countries, but many with only 1 visits (Damn you bots!)
…and now you understand why I write in English and not in Finnish.


I wrote 12 new blog post this year, and most popular one was “5 key learnings & tips for Adobe’s Analysis Workspace”.

But bit funny, it was only number 5 on most read blog post this year. I have some old ones that are getting quite good traffic from Google and I guess people are searching information about these topics, here are top viewed blog post in year 2016:

How to make Adobe Analytics tagging map aka solution design requirements for SiteCatalyst implementation

New to Adobe Analytics aka SiteCatalyst? The ultimate (cheat) list of resources, help and people to follow

Getting started with Adobe Analytics mobile application tracking & (Android) tagging

Useful tips to exclude test and other unwanted data from your Adobe Analytics report suite


Why I write blog posts? Mainly just for myself, I learn by doing and writing stuff. There have been many times while writing blog posts I get these “aha!” moments and realize the answer I’m about to ask or understand much better the things I’m writing. Of course, I also enjoy sharing tips and love to discuss about different solutions etc. On October we got our third baby girl and that’s why there is not much free time to write posts, but surely will continue to share some tips in the year 2017 too, maybe with shorter posts.

Thank you for reading my blog, hopefully you’ll find my tips, tricks and learnings valuable. Happy new year and have a great year 2017.

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