Most wanted Analysis Workspace ideas in 2018

There has been lots of great new features within in the year. My old wish list is in here, but I thought I should update my list with a new post. Btw, these are just my picks for the most wanted. You can see all ideas in here


After these two Workspace is going to say “RIP older reporting interface”:

  1. Multiple report suites for Analysis Workspace:
  2. Analysis Workspace: Flow visualizations, exclude reloads: I know there could be more simple flow / next page type of flow reports, but this “indcluding reloads issue” is the main reason why Workspace users won’t use the current flow version.


Luckily this “add support to change settings with one click to all columns” feature is already possible, but few tweaks:

  • Header text wrapping should be turned on by default:
  • Breakdown by position is available nowadays (, however, can’t believe it is not turned on by default. Again, setting that should be turned on as default. IMO. I guess I should do new idea for this one or consider to make an idea where we could wish option to adjust all the default settings?
  • Make some settings (icons) visible in Analysis Workspace or option to adjust visibility of those:


Cleaning & tagging



Something else

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4 thoughts on “Most wanted Analysis Workspace ideas in 2018

  1. I would like to make sure my vote is counted for attribution modeling reports! (can I vote more than once?!). I’ve been anxious for this type of reporting to make its way to analysis workspace for some time now. They even teased it at the summit sneaks a few years ago!

  2. Love this list Antti! We have a lot of great things in the works that should help you chop this down quite a bit soon 🙂

    1. Thanks! Really liking that you are following and hearing feedback. I know you can’t make it happen in over one night, but glad to hear that there some things on the roadmap. Rock!

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