How to use custom variables wisely – Adobe Analytics Quick Tip

Few years ago, when I was introduced to Adobe Analytics, I always choose different event number for every action I wanted to track as goal. Adobe Analytics has 99 events and that’s a lot, but with large sites 99 isn’t much and I learned that from the hard way. Well, they say that if you want to be specialist in something then you first have to make all the possible mistakes by yourself. 🙂 Nowadays, I use unique events only for the most important KPI metrics on the site.

The key to save events is to make “common events” for same kind of actions and use eVar (or prop) to save some kind of unique value at the same time the event is populated. For example, launch “form submission event” every time form is submitted and same time populate eVar with some unique form name. You should include page name and some other detailed information to that eVar and that way you can see easily what kind of form are submitted (form single eVar report/view). Altough, then there is a small problem that you could have hundreds of different form names, but using SAINT classifications you can easily devide same kind of form types to own stats as this (based on the form name):

  • Feedbacks
  • Orders
  • Cancellations

…and that way you get (easily!) better insights what kind of form types are sent from the site. You can use same kind of logic for custom events as “video started”, “pdf downloaded”, etc.

Or you can make own event + eVar combination for different site sections if that makes sense. For example one of our site includes map and I use “map action” (event) and “map action name” (eVar) to save data from the map section only.

And yes, with the help of filters and/or segments you can always handle data to do anything you want to.

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