How to use Analysis Workspace projects with full speed without slowness

Workspace is superfast to pull data, but maybe your browser (or internet connection) is not fast. Workspace is awesome because you can continue to analyze without the need from moving to another report etc in the middle of your thinking process. However, if you have dozens of tables and visualizations on your Workspace project then it can get pretty slow due to browser/connection/memory limitations. I would also like to challenge you that your not doing right things if you have that kind of “data vomit”. Of course I can understand that from ad hoc perspective you can have big projects, but here are my tips to make project sizes reasonable. This should be quite no-brainer, but these ideas got likes on other discussion and that’s why I want to share.

1. Make KPI project for all your most important metrics (scheduled)
2. Make Deep project for all your “nice to know” metrics (scheduled)
3. Make third project just for ad hoc stuff that you are not going to schedule, and when you start to have too much stuff on one project, make a new one if you don’t want to delete ad hoc stuff.
4. Maybe fourth just to test new Workspace features

This way it is also easy to search projects by “kpi” or “deep” words etc, if you also name projects like that, e.g. “ – Weekly KPI” or something.

Well, you get the idea. Don’t try to put too much data and visualizations on to same project. With old dashboards I usually did separate weekly and monthly dashboards, but now with Workspace it is so easy to use just one dashboard/project with different time dimensions. But again, don’t make too big projects and even from reporting  point of view, no one has time to read long reports.

5. Use workspace in browser that is free from all other important stuff as Twitter and Slack etc. 😉 I use chrome just for Workspace and firefox for normal browsing etc. This way other content/tabs won’t strain your “Workspace browser”.

Bonus tip: Remember that you can collapse your Workspace panels (right-click on panel’s header). This way you can focus with speed just on the panel you are analyzing, especially good tip with bigger ad hoc projects.

Tip in plain simple sentence: limit the size of your Workspace projects!


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