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Adobe Analytics includes some pretty cool functions in calculated metrics builder. I wish there would be more information available what kind of cool things you can do with these functions. If you are using those, please share your awesome function metrics. Ok, I can start with “count” function.

In the past, I have many times wanted to know the amount of unique values in conversion variable report. Let’s say you are saving “company name” (or userID) to eVar variable and want to know how many different eVar values there was last week. You could always go to that eVar report and scroll down and choose the page “99999” to get to the last page and there you could see the number of last row. Possible yes, but bit time-consuming. With the new “out of the box” functions in calculated metrics you can use “count” function with different metrics to get the amount of unique values for certain eVar variables. Let’s take a real example so you surely understand what I mean.

count function

Let’s pretend we have strange ecommerce site with 3000 different companies selling some stuff.

See the report above. Now I can easily see directly from the first page that e.g. last week we had 255 different companies (=different eVar value) with orders. Now I don’t have to go anymore to the last page of the report to see there is 255 rows. And yes, with the same logic you can add more metrics to same report view to easily get more information. Last week we had 555 different company names that got at least one profile view and 2711 different companies got an order. Wow, that is some cool information with single view! No need to manually go to the last page with X different metric reports. (Yes, you can see the data from the first row, I just added 5 variables and that way you can see that the function values are all the same in every row because function shows only the total values).

count function builder
On the left you can see one simple example how to do the count function metric. You just the choose the metric you want to use and just add the function.

Note! The only thing that I’m still missing is the trended report. I would like to see trended line e.g. for last 52 weeks, but if you go to “trended report” it will show you top 5 variables and the function is not working anymore, because it is based on the amount of rows you have in your report (I think so?) and in trended report you are of course missing those eVar variable rows and that’s why you have to settle using ranked report.

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4 thoughts on “Count function in Adobe Analytics calculated metric builder

  1. Moro Antti!

    Good article! Have you been able to somehow get the total unique values as a metric without having all the rows below? For example, have the total unique number show crossed with months?

    1. Hello there Tomi! (Kiva kuulla teikäläisestä!)

      Thanks. I believe that is not possible at the moment. I would want to do that exactly too, hopefully some day possible…

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