Bye Bye Adobe API Explorer and welcome some new API tools

After summer holidays I decided to fresh my memory how to do Adobe Analytics API calls. And of course you start testing your codes with old and reliable Adobe API Explorer. “What, why is this address redirecting me to some other location!?”. Why hasn’t there been any information about this, why isn’t anyone talking about this!? That was my initial reaction and it took like 24 hours and I started to see discussions and “RIP” messages about this on different forums, so I guess this was pretty new thing or then this slide under the radar on  holiday season.

I found this forum discussion and there seems to be valid information what happened and what will come to replace API explorer:
“What’s happening next is Analytics will release the new Analytics Reporting API in October, 2018. The Analytics Reporting API V2 was previewed in an Adobe Summit 2018 lab session. It is the same reporting API that the Analysis Workspace UI is built on. It will be available via the Adobe I/O Console and Gateway…”

Sounds good and let’s wait for that. But what if you wanna now test your API calls etc? You can find all kinds of new information including some tips for different tools to make your API calls. Here is the link:

Swagger (sounds supercool!) is something totally new for me. Swagger UI looks easy and I thought I’ll try that, but the authorization didn’t work for me or then I just didn’t understand it all. At this point I was too lazy to read manuals. I know, typical man… I want plug and play!
Ok, so there is another tip to use some kind of postman. Never heard this too. I know, I am amateur with API tools. I downloaded it and followed instructions in here (ok, I guess I need to read if I want to learn) and boom it worked directly. I had my test API calls up and running within few minutes. Actually, Postman rocks. You can have different projects and all your codes are saved and it is so easy to come back and continue your API work on another day. That you couldn’t do with API Explorer.

I thought this was sad news, but happy ending with Postman tool and let’s wait what goodness we get on October when these new API versions are alive and rocking.

Happy API times after all!

Found also this article. Exploring Adobe Analytics API 1.4 with POSTMAN

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