Tips for Adobe Summit 2014 – Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City & London

I’m sure you have heard of Adobe Summit, at least, if you are using Adobe’s products and/or are somehow related to digital marketing. It’s a praised Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City (March 24-28, 2014) & London (May 14-15, 2014) once a year. Sure there are many other digital marketing events, but Adobe surely knows how to make it BIG and BEAUTIFUL. If for some strange reason someone hasn’t heard of it and/or you are not sure to go or not to – I decided to do my share for promoting this event. Although, I have to admit that you get much more from the Summit if you are using some of the products from Adobe Marketing cloud because many of the sessions/sponsors/people are somehow related to Adobe’s products.

I was in London last year and have bought ticket to this year’s event too and again going to London (for geographical reasons). I believe and have understood that the agenda and arrangements are pretty much same on both events but please comment if you have other information. Yes, in Salt Lake City you can go skiing too and in London you have to get use to heavy rain and sitting in the pub. Hmm, maybe that is the real reason I prefer London? 😉

I’m surely not going to copy & paste information about the agenda and arrangements from the official sites so here are the links for the official sites and there you can find all the information you need. Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City and Adobe Summit in London Anyway, I wanted to share my few tips about the Summit for the first-timers and especially the event in London.

  • Search “Adobe Summit” from different App Stores and download the official application for the Summit and it will help you all the way.
  • There are so many sessions available at the same time and that’s why it’s important to plan and make your own schedule before the summit.
  • Don’t stress out to make all the possible notes and screenshots from the sessions because all materials will be available for download in the near future after the Summit (at least that happen last year).
  • Remember to check Preconference training and see if there is something interesting to learn.
  • Last year I decided to leave already on Thursday and had to stress when to leave so that I could make to my flight etc, but this year I’m going to enjoy the Summit all the way and leave not until Friday. You should too.

And the most important advice is… learn, connect, party, ENJOY!

Ps. I have noticed that in last few months there hasn’t really been updates for SiteCatalyst and hopefully this only means that Adobe is waiting for the Summit to reveal all new cool features to SiteCatalyst and other Adobe Marketing Cloud products.

Ps2. Traveling alone to Summit in London so shoot me by email, twitter or through the summit app if you want to connect on the Summit and talk shi… siteCatalyst or analytics related stuff.

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