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Adobe SiteCatalyst quick tip #2: how to find reports and search metrics

I got this blog post idea from Adam Greco. He tweeted few days ago:

Adam Crego Tweet

Although, at first I wasn’t sure what search did he mean. Soon I realized that it had to be this one (right?):

selected_metrics       selected_metrics_search

I know that I have already used this search, but can’t either remember when Adobe added this. Two years ago or last week? Well, it doesn’t matter and I wanted to share this tip if there is still someone who hasn’t noticed the search field within the metrics window.

And now comes the funny part. I was going to answer to Adam that I which Adobe would add ability to search props, eVars and events from the search field on the main navigation. I believe, I have tried to search e.g. events, but it didn’t work. It’s possible that I tested that few years ago or if that ability has always been  there then I just haven’t tested it right or something. Anyway, now I tested it and boom (!) I can find my props, eVars and events with it. Hah, nice to see that after using SiteCatalyst over two years I can still learn new simple features. Adobe should name the text “Find Reports” to more descriptive like “Find Reports and variables” or something. At least to me, events are variables and not reports. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who hasn’t realized this search feature, if not, you’re welcome for another SiteCatalyst search tip. 🙂

find_reports       find_reports_example

Thanks a lot Adobe, now I don’t have nothing to complain about these. Oh, wait! One more thing (like Columbo would say). When I use “find reports” search and click some of my events and I go directly to that (variable) report I get what I want, but I don’t now where the heck I am!? I mean on the navigation menu. Would be also very useful to now where the variable/report is on the navigation menu. The solution would be to add breadcrumb navigation on the page or somehow higlight the navigation path where the user is. Please, don’t comment that these features are already active, if so, then I’m blind. 🙂

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