Adobe Analytics Fall 2015 Release

I’m sure you have seen all the details about the new release of Adobe Analytics if you are using Adobe Analytics. Anyway, I wanted to shout my “yeah” to this new release and maybe this is useful information to those who are not currently using Adobe Analytics.

You can find official release notes in here, although, the link might get older within month because Adobe releases only the newest information in there. You can also download the official pdf document about the release in here which sums up the main updates.

I will list all the main updates:

  • Analysis workspace is now in production
    We saw the sneak peak in Adobe Summit, then it was in beta few months and now officially in live mode. At some point I should write a whole blog just for analysis workspace, because it is a truly game changer at least for us Adobe Analytics users. Adobe has also improved a lot when they release something new, there are instantly guides, videos and discussions available. You can find it all in here and you should especially watch all the great videos in youtube about the new tool, there are just so many “hidden” features and settings that you can’t know without watching the videos. I especially like that cohort analysis is now possible in Adobe Analytics too, ok, it has been available through mobile suites for some time, but now it is much easier. I also like that I can add big summary numbers for the most important KPI’s we have. Would be great if in the future we could share these workspaces with just an public url-address inside our company.

    Adobe is surely going to continue to develop the tool and at this point there two features that I’m desperately waiting to get the most out of the new tool. There are business owners that won’t want to login to any analytics tools so I wish I could download the workspaces in pdf format (to get all the visualisations included) and that way I could share my ad hoc analysis to business owners. Of course eventually I would like to schedule those pdf reports by email.

    Ps. Workspace’s curation and sharing, not sure how much I need those in my current organization, but those surely are features… I’m lost in my words… that could be features that in few years might be the most needed features to get any sense of the massive amounts of analytics variables and data.

  • Mix timestamped and non-timestamped data
    Using the Timestamps Optional feature, you can combine non-timestamped data with timestamped data without incurring data loss. Offline data with timestamps generated from a mobile device can be combined with live, non-timestamped data from a web page—or integrated with data from any platform using a client-side timestamp call. Say what? Read all the dirty details in here.

  • Video analytics enhancements
    Adobe Video Analytics provides standardized measurement of both video and apps for OTT (Over-the-Top) devices, read more. Federated Analytics is an Adobe Video Analytics feature allowing standardized cross-platform sharing of video data between partners, governed by rules/logic, read more. Quality variables and events are standard Analytics variables that can be reported directly and added to other Analytics reports, read more.

  • And of course many other small improvements and bug fixes.

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