Adobe Analytics calculated metrics just got even better with dimensions aka internal segments

Segmentation and calculated metrics are two most powerful features in Adobe Analytics. I thought Adobe can’t make calculated metrics any better, but I was wrong. There actually have been one minor irritating thing when you have to use segmentation in calculated metrics. This kind of possibility (using segment in calculated metric) is of course superior feature which is lacking from many other analytics tool (at least back in the days).

However, when you have to build segment and only purpose is to use it on calculated metric – this is just ok, but the irritating part is that this segment is automatically also new individual segment on your segmentation list. This way you get bunch new segments without any purpose, because you just want to use these segments “inside” calculated metrics. I have so many duplicated segments because of this. Well, those days are over thanks to this week’s Adobe Analytics release which added this and few other cool small features.

And talking about the workflow how you do it. You don’t have to go to another page to make segments, you can do these on the fly when creating new calculated metric, sweet! If we want to be precise these aren’t really segments at the moment, these are more like adding dimension with some value to calculated metric, but I assume adding one dimension is going to cover your needs about 95% times.

Too lazy to start taking any screenshots and show the detailed way how to use these, because easier way to learn is to just watch Adobe’s own video about this: Using Dimensions in Calculated Metrics

Other details about calculated metrics in Adobe’s help section:

We have talked lots about how we could clean unnecessary segments from Adobe Analytics. This feature is not about cleaning, but helps a lot that we don’t get unnecessary segments anymore when building calculated metrics with dimension/segment.

Just can’t decide good name for this one… just dimension in calculated metrics? Internal segments? In-house segments? In-person segments? Insider dimensions? Well, lovely baby feature have many names! How can such a small feature make me so happy, hopefully we share the exciment with this new “small category” feature. Happy calculating time!

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