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Adobe Analytics 2015 Spring Release – My first comments

Not going to copy & paste the whole content from Adobe, so please look all the details about this amazing Adobe Analytics spring release from here (pdf) and/or here

Around Adobe Summit everyone is expecting something cool and new for Adobe’s products, and I as many other analysts are waiting news espicially about Adobe Analytics. I thought this was so great update and that’s why I wanted to write and share few comments that come in to mind after reading the announcement by Adobe. I have only tested these new features very quickly, and that’s why these are just my quick comments…

  • Contribution Analysis
    Haven’t really tested this, but surely sounds great. Time is valuable and that’s why every help we get with some kind of automation is usually good. Great that we can now have more options for anomaly detection, e.g. favorites etc.

  • Customer Attributes
    Love it, this is going to be very important now and in the future… we need more data from other sources to get full analysis about users etc.

  • Mobile App Analytics
    Great, Adobe is probably the best with mobile analytics and these new features retention reports are much needed too.

  • Freeform Analysis (beta)
    Where is this name coming from? I thought this was some kind of analyzer for forms, but thankfully this is something totally else and amazing. Tested this just a few random analysis and I was SHOCKED how fast the tool was. I guess this is analysis with the speed of light! At this point, I have now idea how useful this is going to be but could be one of the most important tools that I need in the future to make quick ad hoc analysis. Love the idea that you can also save projects! Will see if this is going to somehow replace the discovery aka Ad Hoc Analysis!? Ps. I’m also very pleased that Adobe makes this kind of beta release and users can give feedback and together we can develop the tool.

  • Increased Variables
    We wanted more, Adobe gave us more. The possibility to save additional data to custom variables is one of the most important features and with the amount of over 1000 custom variables Adobe is making many other analytics tools look like…. well, I guess no need to do comparison, but very important game play. Of course we need to be careful that we collect only meaningful data and don’t just start saving any data just because we have so many variables to use.

  • Get more from Adobe Analytics with Adobe Marketing Cloud core services
    Not going on to the details, but great new features what makes the marketing cloud as marketing cloud. =)

  • Other small updates
    Usually the smallest fixes, updates and new small features are the most coolest but I guess this time the FreeForm Analysis takes the win.

Good job Adobe & and especially the team responsible for Adobe Analytics!

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