4 huge time-saver tips for Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics

Nowadays, there are lots of Workspace tips and tricks available. Probably you have seen flashes of these in some Adobe videos or discussions, but want to anyway share these again, because these are so important tips and will save hours of your time in the long run of your analysis work.

1) Duplicate freeform tables
Without a doubt the best time-saver tip forever. I thought this was impossible and I wrote to Adobe’s idea exchange about this feature. Luckily, Eric from Adobe replied, it is already possible. Whaat? Could it be possible? Impossible is nothing for workspace? 😉 You just right-click on the top of freeform table and it will give you option to “duplicate visualization”. Just click it and boom, you have duplicated freeform table.

It’s a bit funny it is named as “visualization”, if I could decide, I would name it as “duplicate freeform table” and it would be clearer what happens. Anyway, I’m superhappy this feature is already available. If you are wondering what is so great about this then I must say that you really haven’t done any real analysis with your Workspace project. There are many times when you build complex tables with lots of segments and dimensions, then you want to do exactly the same, but maybe just change metrics or some other minor details. Even though, you can build tables fast, it start to be time-consuming to build 10 different tables from scratch and for Analyst every minute counts.

Duplicate freeform table

2) Clone Workspace project
Do you have similar websites (report suites) that are using pretty much same dimensions, segments and metrics. When you have done your analysis for website A then you can just change the report suite for that project and click “save as” from “project” and give another name for website B. Perfect, no need to build everything from scratch for the website B or maybe it is done with this way already if using same dimensions etc for both sites.

3) Use keyboard shortcuts
Want to copy information from freeform table? I wanted to copy one url from eVar variable, right-clicked and choose “download as CSV” and then from Excel I copied the url to my email or notepad. Oh dear, sometimes you are the slave of your habit. How about if I just used keyboard shortcut keys as “ctrl + c” and done! This was just one small example. Want to do analysis with the speed of light? Print “cheat sheet” for Workspace shortcuts, start to use those and soon your boss is like “how the hell did you do that so fast!? You are like Usain Bolt of Analysts.”

4) Use segments as dimensions
You can build you freeform table in multiple ways. Have heard that many don’t know that segments works as dimensions too. Thanks to Eric I don’t need to say anything more, just this watch detailed video how to do this.


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