Most wanted Analysis Workspace ideas – Promote and make Workspace even better!

Most wanted? Ok, let’s be honest, I meant my favorite ones.

I went through dozens of ideas for Adobe Analytics in Adobe’s idea exchange, the place where you can do feature requests for Adobe Analytics and others can promote (and comment) your ideas. You have to login to idea exchange. Adobe’s product owners are very closely monitoring ideas, so please promote and/or comment if you want to contribute and make new features happen. YES, WE CAN, PROMOTE! Here are my favorite ideas from idea exchange. Very strange, those tend to be my own ideas, no wonder those are so good!? 😉 Well, there are other good ideas too. Please promote these or do your own ideas. Nowadays, pretty much every idea is for Analysis Workspace, because it is the future of Adobe Analytics.

These aren’t in no particular order, tried to filter these to different sections based on the “main feature”. And I know, surely there are some ideas for totally new features how we would want to explore data and do all kinds new ways to visualize data. However, I would hope that Adobe would focus to make every single feature perfect that exists now and give more options to change some settings, before they try to push more totally new features… but there are few important expections.


Workspace: Comparison column for metrics with time range

Workspace: Comparison column with difference of numbers


Make some settings (icons) visible in Analysis Workspace or option to adjust visibility of those

Workspace: Add support to change settings with one click to all columns and panels
My additional comment: HOT! MOST WANTED! WE NEED THIS ASAP! 🙂

Workspace: breakdown by position should be turned on as default
My additional comments: If true, then this is a real problem. IMHO.


Analysis Workspace: Multiple visualizations, lock selected positions, same source table

Ability to change view from Instances to Page Views in Workspace Flow

Analysis Workspace: Flow visualizations, exclude reloads

Analysis Workspace: Text Expansion/ Text Wrapping for Flow reports

Workspace trend lines should be build based on panel’s date range

Analysis Workspace – Save Visualization to reuse
My additional comment: or just the ability to copy/transfer panels between workspaces would be useful!


Allow “event” filters in Metrics menus

Workspace: Add option to filter search results by eVar/prop/event numbers

Workspace: Add option to search only from one report suite

Workspace: Add option to filter search results alphabetically

Workspace: Add option to filter search results with only custom variables vs. default variables

Workspace: adjust search relevance or make exact match also available

Adobe Analytics: Give option to hide eVar and prop related instances metrics

Curation, cleaning & tagging

Understand where segments and calculated metrics are used – to clean up without breaking anything
My additional comment: HOT! MOST WANTED! WE NEED THIS ASAP! 🙂

Workspace: protect tags

Workspace: Give admins better options to manage different tags

Analysis Workspace: Curate report suites
My additional comment: Curation is great feature, but way too time-consuming to do at the moment, maybe curation of report suites could be the answer and not curation of projects? No matter, can we curate projects or report suites -> This needs to be possible to do much easier and faster then nowadays, although, tagging is some kind of answer for this one… but even tagging process could be better as you can see from the above idea.


Analysis Workspace: Compact Report Stylesheet

Totally new features

Multiple report suites for Analysis Workspace
My additional comment: HOT! MOST WANTED! WE NEED THIS ASAP! 🙂
Workspaces: Publish to web or embed option

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