My top 3 blog post in year 2014

Remember to also check my latest blog post: All I want for Christmas is 10 new Adobe Analytics features ——————————————————————— I started my blog on 16th of November 2013 and that’s why top posts from 2014 includes also post from 2013. My idea was to share my

All I want for Christmas is 10 new Adobe Analytics features

All I want for Christmas is 10 new Adobe Analytics features (for the standard version of AA!). It’s time to make my letter for Santa Claus and wish new Adobe Analytics features that I have dreamed most this year. I know Adobe Santa Claus can’t make all

The decision: Mobile application and website in one or two (Adobe Analytics) report suite!?

To be, or not to be in one Adobe Analytics report suite!? That is the question when you have the same online service in mobile application and as website. Yes, you guessed right, this happened to me on one sunny day. My decision is… Not so fast

Adobe Analytics test laboratory: Ranked comparison stats with eVars & scheduled monthly reports

Adobe Analytics laboratory is my (imaginary) place to be when I have question about Adobe Analytics and no direct answers. Sometimes it’s good to write down your question and that way you could understand more about the issue you are struggling with. Of course you can always

Getting started with Adobe Analytics mobile application tracking & (Android) tagging

  I have done few tagging maps (=instructions for the coder how to implement analytics tags) for mobile applications too, but that was few years ago. Our company is making a new mobile application and that’s why few weeks ago I got the opportunity again to start

Adobe Analytics Spring 2014 Release; buzz, features, tips & links

Great buzz about SiteC… Adobe Analytics Finally we got some BUZZ around Adobe Analytics. Noticed something strange in the first sentence? Yes, from now on I’ll start using purely the new branded term Adobe Analytics and R.I.P. SiteCatalyst. Ok, I can still use SiteCatalyst on the tags

Adobe SiteCatalyst quick tip #2: how to find reports and search metrics

I got this blog post idea from Adam Greco. He tweeted few days ago: Although, at first I wasn’t sure what search did he mean. Soon I realized that it had to be this one (right?):       I know that I have already used this