Adobe Analytics Spring 2014 Release; buzz, features, tips & links

Great buzz about SiteC… Adobe Analytics Finally we got some BUZZ around Adobe Analytics. Noticed something strange in the first sentence? Yes, from now on I’ll start using purely the new branded term Adobe Analytics and R.I.P. SiteCatalyst. Ok, I can still use SiteCatalyst on the tags

Adobe SiteCatalyst quick tip #2: how to find reports and search metrics

I got this blog post idea from Adam Greco. He tweeted few days ago: Although, at first I wasn’t sure what search did he mean. Soon I realized that it had to be this one (right?):       I know that I have already used this

Tips for Adobe Summit 2014 – Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City & London

I’m sure you have heard of Adobe Summit, at least, if you are using Adobe’s products and/or are somehow related to digital marketing. It’s a praised Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City (March 24-28, 2014) & London (May 14-15, 2014) once a year. Sure there are

How to make Adobe Analytics tagging map aka solution design requirements for SiteCatalyst implementation

Endress Analytics has a great video about tracking manifest for Adobe Analytics aka SiteCatalyst. Kevin Rogers has also good blog post why you need to have tracking file for your analytics implementation. It’s official name is Adobe Solution Design Requirements (SDR), but I like to simplify and

Adobe SiteCatalyst quick tip #1: Save full referrer and page url with Processing rules

I have had many cases where I can’t get enough exact data (from SiteCatalyst) e.g. where some of our conversions have come. I can look sources -> referrers but still I have had some cases where parameters are missing at least in the situations where I want

Search engine optimization is not dead and never will be

Objection! I want order to our courtroom, I mean to these articles how search engine optimization is dead. When did these articles began to emerge? Was it like few years ago and now the phase is accelerating like never before. It’s all about content (marketing). Oh, really?

New to Adobe Analytics aka SiteCatalyst? The ultimate (cheat) list of resources, help and people to follow

I started my new job as an Web Analyst on January 2012. My main tool was going to be Adobe SiteCatalyst. Nowadays SiteCatalyst has new branded name Adobe Reports & Analytics, and it’s much more than just SiteCatalyst, but on this blog post I focus on only

Getting started with A/B testing by Optimizely

I’m in service development and my main job is to do reports and develop different online projects, including mobile, with the help of web analytics. I have also taken the responsibility of A/B testing. With the help of our analytics partner we tested few possible A/B testing

Google can redirect mobile user (who clicks link to web-version) to mobile site directly from the search results

I’ll start my blog with very interesting news for mobile users using Google. Ok, not so interesting news for mobile users, but for me as an web analyst this is a big thing. Starting from November I noticed big change on our company’s different mobile sites. We

Ready, steady, go!

Starting again to write my blog from scratch and this time in English, because my focus is on analytics and probably Adobe (SiteCatalyst) related stuff. Yes, I know my English is not 100% perfect, but hopefully readers can anyway understand my posts. This site is also my